About Us

We specialize on  web development.online apps.support.testing.


WEB100 Technologies – software development company founded in 2002. WEB100 Technologies is one of the first companies in Eastern Europe specializing in development of B2B portals and corporate online applications.

Who we are

Over the last 13 years of effective cooperation with the countries of Eastern, Central, Western Europe, and USA, our company has implemented more than 100 international projects.

WEB100 Technologies team develops all of its applications on the basis of its own flexible and customizable platform – WEB100 Platform. The platform represents the software framework, specialized for construction of solutions for intercorporate interaction, based on which the automation of business processes of interaction COMPANY«-»PARTNER«-»CUSTOMER is performed.

WEB100 Technologies also provides outsourcing services in the following areas of IT:

  • web development
  • server and desktop software development
  • testing and QA
  • IT support and maintenance

The company is headquartered in Kyiv with two development centers located in Cherkassy and Krivoy Rog.

Our Mission

Requirements for online solutions are changing rapidly, and a customer needs to be sure that a solution will be able to meet the new trends both today and tomorrow. Therefore, our goal is to develop high-quality and effective business solutions with the possibility of future improvements and customization.

We do not propose off-the-shelf solutions!

Why Us

We have come a way from the start-up company to the company with extensive experience in development of B2B portals and applications for intra- and intercorporate interaction. When working with us, you will not have to choose between high quality and affordable price of a project.

Security and load resistance of our solutions have been repeatedly confirmed by independent testing. 

Our History