The new mobile version of Dealer Locator was released

Our Dealer Locator online application gained the popularity among our partners and became one of the most popular applications of WEB100 Platform.

Therefore we could not not pay attention on how important was the release of its mobile version.

Our partners have already tested this improvement. 

Access to all important information about our partners' service centres location became much more easier then before: now clients and companies' partners can browse all the location information using a self phone.

Mobile version was designed both for Android and iOS.

Functionality of mobile version has the same high quality as for PC.

Using this application via mobile phone customers can also view service stations or retail outlets ratings, the list of services and any other information that is provided by the company.

Dealer Portal application is designed on WEB100 Platform basis.

Using personal cabinet dealer enters data on his location; distributor’s employee can only monitor the data, thus performing the role of moderator.

This application releases him from checking all the addresses’ relevance and also involves dealers as the concerned persons.

Thus, the customer will always have the right address or telephone number!

WEB100 Platform is a platform, designed to automate business processes of e-commerce and B2B interaction. The platform represents the software framework, specialized for construction of solutions for intercorporate interaction, based on which automation of the business processes of interaction COMPANY - PARTNERS - CUSTOMERS is performed.