Education, Training & E-learning

Online testing system for Bosch Car Service

The main purpose of the Online testing system implementation was to provide Bosch Car Service employees, which are experts in certain areas, with an ability to develop tests of different types and difficulty levels and, by means of the developed tests, to conduct testing for the company and partner companies employees for knowledge of certain procedures, as well as to control the level of personnel qualification. 

Knowledge Evaluation System for QATestLab Company

Knowledge Evaluation System for QATestLab company has been developed on the basis of corporate training and personnel assessment system WEB100 Training with a purpose to optimize the candidate selection process based on the results of testing.

Registration system for Bosch Car Service

The main purpose of the registration system for training implementation was to gain control over the level of personnel qualification, as well as fast and with minimal losses to inform employees on the complex work processes of the company.

Event System for Bosch Security Systems Division

The system helps to free the training center staff from routine work of receiving and processing applications for training, and making schedules.