Online testing system for Bosch Car Service

Online testing system for Bosch Car Service

The main purpose of the Online testing system  implementation was to provide Bosch Car Service employees, which are experts in certain areas, with an ability to develop tests of different types and difficulty levels and, by means of the developed tests, to conduct testing for the company and partner companies employees for knowledge of certain procedures, as well as to control the level of personnel qualification.

The next purpose is to get statistics on testing results.

And the last purpose is to improve the working relationship between the company and partners.

As the result of the system implementation the following business purposes were succeeded:

  • centralized collection of user responses to the questions posed and conducting research to improve the company performance;
  • identification of the major problems of the company employees related to the lack of knowledge of certain procedures, working standards, etc., established in the company;
  • upgrading staff qualification level and knowledge testing after internal training;
  • check of the qualification knowledge.

About Bosch Car Service. Robert Bosch company is a leading supplier of services and technologies, as well as specialized not only in automotive, but also in industrial technology. Department of Bosch, dealing with diagnostic and repair equipment, wonthe  hight trust in the market.