Registration system for Bosch Car Service

Registration system for Bosch Car Service

The main purpose of the registration system for training implementation was to gain control over the level of personnel qualification, as well as fast and with minimal losses to inform employees on the complex work processes of the company.

The second goal is to unite all the training programs into a single learning process management system.

And the last is to make such training plans, which will take into account training needs, interests and goals of each employee that will enhance employee motivation.


As the result of the system implementation the following business purposes were succeeded:

  • Identifying the needs of partner companies in training;
  • Combining educational goals with business objectives of Robert Bosch;
  • Development and implementation of appropriate learning strategies;
  • Planning and standardization of training;
  • Budgeting for training, cost accounting, evaluation of the effectiveness of learning results;
  • Selection of appropriate technologies, tools, methods and forms of learning and their use;
  • Continuous improvement of the organization of training based on the evaluation results and collected feedback.

About Bosch Car Service. Robert Bosch company is a leading supplier of services and technologies, as well as specialized not only in automotive, but also in industrial technology. Department of Bosch, dealing with diagnostic and repair equipment, wonthe  hight trust in the market.