Search System of Robert Bosch Auto Parts Sales Points

Search System of Robert Bosch Auto Parts Sales Points

The search system of BOSCH auto parts sales points has been developed for "Auto Parts" division of the Robert Bosch company. The project has been developed on the basis of Dealer-Locator online application.

The project was based on determination of the Robert Bosch company to simplify the publication of information on sales points by involving partner employees into the process and thus achieve 100% relevance of information on the website.

It was also intended to provide the company’s customers with a convenient tool for searching sales points of auto parts. As a result of the project implementation, partners of Robert Bosch have gained the possibility to update information on their sales points by themselves.

This information is automatically published on the website after moderation by designated employee of the BOSCH company.

BOSCH employees are now engaged only in control and publication of already entered data, thus the labor cost of content support is significantly reduced.

Therefore, the search system of BOSCH auto parts sales points:  

  • simplifies the process of updating partner information;
  • makes the information 100% relevant;
  • involves partners in the process of updating data;
  • allows all users to quickly find the required sales points on the map;
  • provides the powerful platform for further development of cooperation with partners and end users.

About Robert Bosch. The Robert Bosch company is a leading supplier of services and technologies, which is specialized not only in automotive but also in industrial technology. Auto parts and accessories division of the Bosch company retains high credibility in the market due to the range of its products and their reliability.