Ads for partners

Ads for partners


The product doesn't arrive on time to the warehouse? DISCOUNTS?

Using this application, you can inform your partners about all extra news very fast without sending any e-mails or call phones!


  • Prompt notification for employees and clients about the main company news
  • Automatic notofications per e-mail, mobile messages
  • Delimit access: internal (for company employees) or external (for clients)
  • Show or hide Featured articles in the widget
  • Powerful admin panel


Using this application you can share all important news with your partners immediately.

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To post news you have to login into the system. After you added a notification and choose the group of people who will receive this - just click "SEND" and your partners will be notified immediately wherever they are and no metter what device they use.

Your partners and your team can get notifications per

  • e-mail
  • mobile messages

Administrator role functionality:

  • Adding news
  • Changing the irrelevant news to the archive
  • Sending ads by e-mail or sms.
  • Viewing news history

Reader role functionality:

  • Viewing news
  • Getting notifications by e-mail or sms  
  • Viewing the latest news in the widget throght the dashboard