B2B online orders

B2B online orders


B2B online orders application is a flexible solution to take orders from B2B clients with ease.


  • Online access to relevant product catalogue for dealers
  • Automatic product catalog synchronization with internal accounting system
  • Making orders 24/7
  • Automatic sending of orders to the internal accounting system
  • Possibility to make any order again, orders' history


B2B online orders application is the space with user-friendly interface where your existing B2B clients can login to see products and prices and also order in a few clicks.

It makes wholesale ordering process much more simple and clear.

By allowing customers to log into the system, your company can save valuable managers time.

It helps increasing sales by allowing the existing sales team to focus about 70% of the attention on acquiring new clients and developing new sales channels. At the same time the quality of services will be greatly improved - your B2B clients have the oportunity to make orders at their own convenience and download invoices after that.

B2B online orders app is not just an online-shop. This application can be automatically integrated with various internal accounting systems. It means when a client make an order - it will be automatically sent into accounting system your company uses.

Once your manager recieve an order through the B2B online orders app, it appears in admin dashboard. So now you can have all the information in one place and be more accurate in fulfilling orders.


1 Using dashboard, client places an order, which is automatically sent to the company internal accounting system.
2 Manager sees the order in the internal accounting system and confirms it.
3 Client downloads the invoice.
4 The system informs client about all changes of his order status. The most current data always displays in his personal dashboard. And your company managers will not do any mistakes


Since our spacialists set the syncronization with your internal accounting system you can provide your customers with logins and passwords and they begin to order.

Check out demo version for free!

The application affords the next roles for the company's employees - Administrator.

Administrator role functionality:

  • Users' accounts management in the system
  • Setting of the users' access rights in the system
  • Browsing the business operations' journal
  • Filling and editing the product catalog
  • Glancing over all the clients' orders
  • Clients' orders handling
  • Looking through the clients' list

The application yields the next roles for the dealer companies' employees - Orders' Operator.

Orders' Operator role functionality:

  • Looking through the whole product catalog
  • Making orders
  • Browsing own orders' history
  • Generate and download invoices