Call center online application

Call center online application


Online application provides opportunities for call center employees to view information on customers' fuel cards, transaction history and each card balance. Also call center employee can lock / unlock the card on the customer's demand.


  • Providing access to customer cards information for Call center employees in 24/7 mode
  • Call center employees get instant information access, that previously could be received only by sending a request to 1C or to Processing Center
  • Call center employees are able to quickly lock / unlock cards on customers' demands


The main purpose of the Call center online application creation was to provide to the call center employees an authorized access to information on filling stations network customers' fuel cards.


When you want to be sure that your your call center employees can provide your customers with information they need easy and quickly.

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Call center operator role functionalities:

  • View a list of all customers with their statuses;
  • View information on all customer cards;
  • View customer's account balance;
  • Lock / Unlock customer cards;
  • View the history of customer accounts;
  • View transaction history on customer cards.