Dealer Locator

Dealer Locator


This tools provides the most relevant information about your dealers’ location to clients.


  • 100% actual information about your dealers location
  • information updating by dealers
  • mobile friendly


Dealer Locator online tool provides your customers with all information about your dealers' location.


Public tool side demostrates your customers a map on your website with addresses and telephone numbers of your dealers. It can also include some other information as products they sale or rating of each dealer.

Using personal dashboard dealer updates the information on his location.  

Your company employee can only monitor this data, thus performing the role of moderator.

This frees him from checking all the addresses on the relevance and also involves your dealers as the concerned persons into the process.

The customer will always have the right address or telephone number!

dealer locator



When you want to be sure your customers always have all information about where they can order or buy your products. But at the same time dealers will be involved in the process of updating the information and they will do it by themselves. They also will be interested in high rating.

Check out demo version for free or ask for pdf presentation!

Client entering the website, clicking on the map and taking such information as

  • Location Product range
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Methods of payment
  • Working hours


  • adding/editing the information about his address
  • looking through ratings, commenting etc.

Your company's manager moderates the info