Online documents catalogue

Online documents catalogue


All your documents in one place, accessible on any device and available wherever you and your partners are.

Create, share, and collaborate seamlessly with teams across the world.


  • sharing documents 24/7
  • hight security and all documents in one place
  • documents in all popular formats
  • anytime, anywhere and on any device


Electronic catalog is a great way to save time when working with amount of documents and centralized secure place to store them!

This online application provides authorized users with access to corporate documents through a secure communication channel and frees managers from routine paperwork.

Store and share seamlessly!

You can store all your files in one place and viewing them across devices for easy access. It opens wide possabilities for real-time collaboration.

Share your files securely!

Only authorized users with access can view corporate documents and files you share through a secure communication channel.

Collaborate more effective!

When you work in team, quick decision making is a very necessary skill. Online catalogue documents app allows you and your team to share files with your partners very easy and quickly - anytime, anywhere and on any device.


  • Uploading Documents
  • Setting date of the relevance of each document, after which they will be moved to the archive


  • Access to their records only
  • Previewing documents without downloading (all popular formats)
  • Downloading

To get more information ask for the presentation or check out demo version for free!