Easy Feedback

Easy Feedback


The most underrated tool for working with clients! This app greatly simplifies all work with client feedback.

With centralized messages storage the access will be easy and convenient. Responsible employees can easily replace each other! All clients messages are saved!


  • Prompt notification for the company employees on customers problems that appeared during the B2B interaction process, or elaboration of another questions from both registered or not users
  • Users' applications processing in the shortest time
  • Improving the clients' servicing quality
  • Centralized requests gathering and storing feedback messages from the visitors of different company's sites


The primary intent of the development of Easy Feedback online application was to organize the centralized compilation of information and storage the feedback messages from the visitors of different B2B sources and web sites, and also the receiving of questions, appeared to clients, which are not the registered users.

The next purpose was to boost the informational support level for users.

The third goal was to provide an opportunity to create different feedback forms and place them on different web-sources and company sites.


1. Your customer leaves a comment using feedback form on the website.

2. Your company's manager receives notification about a new message and responds. All messages are marked depending on the status!

3. When staff changes - all messages are still stored and always available for employees, as well as the feedbacks!

Feedback Administrator role functionality:

  • Formation and editing the feedback forms
  • Binding feedback forms to the web-sources and sites
  • Closure of feedback forms with saving all the messages to the archive

Feedback Operator role functionality:

  • Getting notifications by e-mail while the feedback forms being sent
  • Inspection of all the messages sent from the feedback forms
  • Answer to the received messages

Feedback User role functionality:

  • Sending messages from the feedback forms
  • View all the outbox messages (only for registered users)
  • Getting the response to the message from the Feedback Operator by e-mail