Ticket managment system

Ticket managment system


Taking all tasks under control gets very easy now with Ticket managment system!


  • Significant improvement of providing service activities by increasing the transparency of all hierarchical levels of the company and its contractors
  • Visualization of the communication process between technical support participants, which are not usually available to a wider audience interested in the company
  • Exception incidents with tasks loss, as any task, even the most insignificant, ranked in the system should undergo a formal solution process, before being closed and removed from the control
  • Keeping history of actions during the problem solvation, which gives an opportunity to restore the sequence of steps on problem
  • Ability to collect statistics and performance evaluation of individual employees and services


This application was created to be the most convenient tool to record and monitor the implementation of production tasks, as well as to evaluate the performance of employees.

Assign the task to an employee using the personal account and keep monitoring the status.


Maintenance of the large number of technical objects, geographically dispersed over a large territory, is one of the most difficult and unformalized tasks of technical support.

Use it to be sure all tasks are made in time.

This online application provides improving of the tasks monitoring by the service of the production tasks providing and accounting. The application gives the opportunity to set and assign tasks and tracking their progress.

The application supports a hierarchical organizational and territorial structure. Web-oriented architecture of the ticket system allows to organize an efficient work of the large number of service providing participants and contractor companies. The system enables categorization of tasks on the operational level and the importance of solution that allows artists to navigate in priorities and quickly to respond to a particular incident. In addition to this there is an opportunity for problem initiator to fix the expected term of the problem solution.



Using your dashboard you create a task and choose the employee who should be responsible for it.

After you add this task - it will be available to the responsible employee through his personal dashboard. 

If for some reason he won't do anything he can’t use the argument he didn’t get the task, because everybody who is authorized will see all assigned personally to him.

If the employee has a problem with task he can leave a comment on it.

When adding a new task you can choose priority. After the task is done the responsible employee change the status to “resolved”

Through the dashboard you can watch the task history, tasks statuses and exactly time they were made and done.


System Administrator role functionality:

  • Adding/removal/editing the users accounts.
  • Managing the level of the user access to projects.
  • Adding/removal/update the list of active projects.

Project Manager role functionality:

  • Adding/editing/removal of tasks.
  • Appointment of executive person for the task.
  • Tracking of tasks progress.
  • Attaching files to tasks.
  • Attaching comments to tasks.
  • Chaging task status (New, Appointed, In process, Executed, Returned for revision, Closed).
  • Prioritization tasks (Urgent, High, Medium, Low).
  • Printing reports on tasks.
  • Export the brief tasks description list in a Microsoft Excel document.

User role functionality:

  • View list of appointed tasks.
  • Adding comments to the appointed tasks.
  • Changing tasks statuses (In process, Executed).