Logistics planning system

Logistics planning system


Logistics planning system was designed and successfully implemented into business to coordinate the delivery process and provide online access to the delivery status.


  • Full control over the data on the whole cycle of orders processing and delivery in one place; user access to the online information 24 \ 7; integration with any internal accounting system of the company as well as the company's partners (1C, SAP, BDSoft etc.)
  • Ability for different groups of users to directly access the information
  • Prompt data transmission on all the changes in the orders’ status
  • 70% reduction of staff manufacturing orders data
  • Great performance under high loads
  • High security of data storage
  • User access to the system using any portable device, which has access to the Internet.


The Logistics planning system is designed to control orders of delivery at all stages: from the moment when partner makes his order till this order is delivered to him.

Centralized recording of all the logistics information significantly increases the efficiency of the interaction between different departments, which are engaged in shipping, and also saves time that staff spends on working with the different accounting systems.


online logistics

The system automatically imports the relevant information about the packaging process and delivery of customer’s orders from the appropriate information systems and allows users (logisticians, warehouse workers, forwarders, customers, accountants, managers) to view the relevant information about the processing of invoices (only assigned to them).

With the Logistics planning system you can be sure that:

  • All system users have constant access to accurate data on their shipments
  • All users can see the information which relates only to them
  • All data is securely stored inside the system and protected from unauthorized access

Check out demo version for free or ask for pdf detailed presentation!

Possibilities of the Logistics planning system for users:


  • Viewing information about the packaging process and the delivery of all orders
  • Edit data on all the orders
  • Setting of the system parameters
  • Viewing the history of data import and reports on import errors


  • Viewing orders’ data in the own warehouse
  • Editing data on orders’ packaging process at the warehouse


  • Viewing the own orders scheduled for delivery
  • Editing orders delivery information
  • Receiving notifications on readiness of the invoices for shipment


  • Viewing information about the own clients orders
  • Viewing the financial information of the own clients


  • Viewing information on the packaging process and the delivery of the own orders
  • Viewing the financial information