Event managment application

Event managment application


This application is designed for automatic schedules training / event plans generation; providing partners with complete information about all activities; collecting and processing the requests.



  • Personal and detailed event creation
  • Customizable options
  • Automatically confirmations per email to registrants and notifications to organizers
  • Group and guest registrations
  • Access to events history
  • Obtain real-time data statistics on attendees and their preferences


Event managment application covers all major functions in the event planning life cycle.

It is multi-lingual and easy to use.

It helps event professionals with events organization, providing them with online registration, email invitation, confirmation, reminder and followup, social network sharing and other functionality. All in one or two clicks.


Internal events - meetings, trainings, workshops

External events - meetings, conferences, symposia, trainings, workshops

Fee-based and free events

Corporate education - trainings, courses, workshops

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  • Providing with detailed information about the activities (description, plan, time and place, number of participants, etc.)
  • Organizing courses (if the company holds trainings)
  • Separation of activities for public and private
  • Automatic generation of different types of activity schedules and publishing them on websites as widgets
  • Getting detailed information about activities and making requests using module or widget on the website
  • Applications processing (accepting, rejecting, postponing to another date)
  • Informing events administrators about requests and participants about the requests processing
  • E-mail or sms reminding for participants; Possibility of processing information about hotel reservation or providing transportation to participants. Creating an event plan/ training plan
  • Storing the history about all employees’ activities / trainings; Generating reports
  • Maintaining a database of speakers / trainers, and the history of their activities, trainings
  • Event calendar functionality
  • Ability to clone events to expedite new event creation
  • Functionality for full export of data to Excel and text files