Online Testing

Online Testing


The "Online Testing" module allows developing online tests of various complexity levels and performing both intermediate and final testing of employees.


  • more than 70% reduction of time that employees spend creating tests
  • ability to quickly create even the most complex tests
  • quick and efficient assessment of knowledge
  • statistics on everybody who took tests
  • history of testing and much more


Testing of personnel is one of the most important staff management tasks in which it is required to define or confirm the level of each employee’s knowledge.

This module can be used both for testing candidates when hiring them and for testing employees after they’ve taken courses or training programs.

The module allows to significantly reduce the time spent not only on checking the tests but also on their preparation.

Online Testing is an easy and customizable tool with the help of which your company will be able to:

!create tests of different complexity levels and with various question types

!quickly and efficiently perform knowledge assessment

!obtain structured statistics on each employee

Everything you need for efficient knowledge analysis is in a single module!

Moreover, on its basis you can create your own unique application that will precisely meet your requirements!

Other technical advantages of the Online Testing module: 

  • 7 types of tasks including interactive tasks;
  • Creation of tests in the training mode;
  • Support of versioning of tests;
  • Convenient editor of tests with the possibility of previewing and making modifications;
  • Possibility to add various types of materials to tests and separate tasks;
  • Provision of an employee with a list of materials to study the questions to which he gave incorrect answers when taking a test;
  • Possibility to limit test-taking time for each employee;
  • Test results analysis;
  • Test results statistics on each employee/test/task;
  • Export of results to an Excel file and much more.