Partner Voice

Partner Voice


Use this tool 

  • to build an effective business development strategy
  • make your service better

It is unique marketing tool which replaces everything else - voting on websites, guest books, forums, etc.


  • Research of the basic problems, arising during the interaction process with clients
  • Gathering the ideas and suggestions from dealers and company clients
  • Research of the users opinions on issues, which the company is interested in
  • Distinguishing/bonus payment/promotion of the most active system users, which influence on the company development process
  • Active communication between company employees and dealers
  • Storage of all the topics in the one single system, an opportunity to keep topics in the archive


Partner Voice online application is an example of the new generation tools for improving dialog between partners.



user partner customer voice b2b


Partner creates the new topic using his personal account. Other partners leave their comments on it. Company gives an official answer.

Also there is another communication model: company creates the new topic and partners vote or leave their comments.

As a result company gets a great structured marketing material for development strategy and its partners have assurance that their problems or ideas are valuable.

 b2b platform structure 3

Build better product

Partner Voice is a good fit if you need to collect, manage, and prioritize user feedback when building new products or improving existing products.

Support your partners

Involve your partners and clients to your business development and they will become the best protectors of your interests. Be loyal. Make your offer compelling and substantiated by the information you got from them.

Partner Voice Administrator role functionality:

  • Topic categories administration
  • Topic statuses administration
  • Adding new topics
  • Voting
  • Adding comments
  • Adding new official response 
  • Getting notification by e-mail while new topics or comments appear

Partner Voice User role functionality:

  • Adding new topics.
  • Voting
  • Adding comments 
  • View the topics rating
  • Review the official response 
  • Getting notification by e-mail