The development of new online systems or applications based on WEB100 PLATFORM involves only the development of business logic of application. This allows to significantly reduce the time and money costs of creating and commissioning of the new system.


From the very beginning, the PLATFORM was developed compatible with absolutely any accounting system (1С, SAP, BDSoft, etc.). All subsystems of the platform work stably and are constantly improved in more than 50 online applications and intercorporate interaction systems developed based on WEB100.Platform.


Any application developed based on WEB100 Platform can be customized to unique customer requirements and has a great potential for future improvements.


Quality of solutions based on WEB100.Platform is confirmed by independent testing and meets the standards of high-loaded systems construction and information security standards.

Reliability of WEB100.Platform is confirmed by:

  • Independent testing to meet the corporate requirements of web applications security of the BOSCH company in 2011;
  • Independent testing to meet the corporate security requirements of the SHELL company in 2010.

The platform’s core has all the basic infrastructure and functional capabilities required for the development of online systems of intercorporate level.


Any platform-based solution can be easily localized depending on the customer’s requirements. Solutions based on WEB100 Platform are already successfully working in several European languages.

Favorable price.

Due to the powerful core, which contains all the basic functionality required for web-based systems operation, the development of applied applications on the basis of WEB100.Platform accelerates by approximately 1.5 times. Thus, the development cost will be about 20-30% lower than when developing such solution from scratch.