WEB100.Platform is a platform, intended to automate business processes of e-commerce and B2B interaction. Based on WEB100 platform a set of online applications that are widely used in the intercorporate communications environment are designed.

These applications can be installed as main or additional modules of client systems.

More than 50 online applications and 5 B2B portals for various business areas have been developed based on WEB100 Platform. Applications based on it can be used as

  • Applications for sales support (both wholesale and retail)
  • Applications for client activity support
  • Applications for business processes support
  • Applications for corporate training and personnel testing

WEB100 PLATFORM is a quality basis for creating high-performance solutions. 

It is able to handle a huge amount of data, including information about hundreds of thousands of products, customers and prices, and meets all the requirements of heavy duty systems.

Online applications implemented on its base meet the Web-based systems security requirements and data protection requirements.

If your solution is developed based on WEB100 Platform, you can be sure not only in its quality but also in wide customization possibilities. Working with WEB100.platform through the thin client Desktop WEB100.platform allows regular users to interact with the partner portal functionality through a layer of web services.

This provides the speed and convenience of local processing and generation of data.

Layer of the portal’s web services also allows to gain access to the company’s services and data from the partners’ information systems.

Mobile versions of online applications, which run on the platform, allow to significantly expand the operating possibilities as well as increase the number of users by including mobile Internet fans.